What’s keeping you stuck (and frustrating, irritating and annoying you) comprises maybe one one-millionth of a percent compared to the rest of your life

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Stuck Mental Model Operating System Glitch

But that one tiny thing keeping you stuck likely leads to about 70 percent of what occupies your thoughts and energy.

Are you good with that?


In his best-selling book The Psychology of Money, author Morgan Housel points out: “Every decision people make with money is justified by taking the information they have at the moment and plugging it into their unique mental model of how the world works.”

This is, in fact, how we make every decision — regardless of whether it’s about money or something else. Like what to study in school, or what career path to pursue, and even who we might choose to spend the rest of our lives with. Or if we choose not to spend the rest of our lives with anyone at all.

It’s our “unique mental model of how the world works” or, as I like to refer to it, our “operating system” that drives our actions, behaviors and decisions.


Yet — when is the last time you checked under the hood to see if your operating system is up to date?


Really, truly checked?

Spoiler alert: It’s impossible to do on our own. Why? Because we’d be looking for glitches in the system from within the system. Imagine you’re standing inside of a big jar. You can’t read the label on the jar from inside the jar.

This is why we lean on coaches, advisors, therapists and mentors. So we can expand our field of view to include what’s outside the jar.

Check out this post to learn more about what happens when our conscious mind (the goal-getter) and our unconscious mind (the goal-setter) are out of alignment.


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Tracy Benson

Tracy Benson, Founder and CEO, On the Next Page, provides executive coaching to senior leaders and their teams in Fortune 500 companies across industries, including: healthcare, pharma, energy, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality, defense and financial.

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