Seeking a transformational (and SUSTAINABLE) development approach for leaders?

With The Quantum Breakthrough Process, your leaders will identify and eliminate blind spots, and expand their capability to successfully navigate, adjust and adapt to the disruptive change that is part of our daily reality. All with focused, one-on-one attention from an Executive Coach who’s worked with hundreds of Fortune 250 & 500 leaders for more than 30 years.

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Leadership development and impact

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THE QUANTUM BREAKTHROUGH PROCESS is fast, deeply profound and generates immediate and long-lasting change.


The tools used and concepts shared during The Quantum Breakthrough Process dramatically expand the capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations to successfully navigate, adjust and adapt to the disruptive change that is part of our daily reality.

Are you…


An emerging, developing or seasoned leader?


A builder or change agent?


About to lead or are already leading a larger team?


Highly dependent on your networking and influencing skills for outcomes?


Imagining or reimagining your next career chapter?

Catapult your capability and impact with new ways of understanding your inner and outer worlds, leading to deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment in your personal life, and show up as a more genuine, holistic and integrated presence at work. Take this step with a seasoned executive coach for yourself and your team, and commit to becoming the most inspired leader you can be.

(Curious for a peek behind the curtain? Check out this post for a taste of what’s in store when you engage with The Quantum Breakthrough Process.)

You Deserve an Objective Partner
Whose Sole Focus is Your Success

Get to Know Your Internal Representation

How we show up in the world is governed by perceptions, attitudes, decisions, beliefs and emotions that exist below our conscious awareness.

Eliminate Blind Spots and Expand Your Capacity

A shift in any one of these underpinnings of our psyche allows us to release barriers to growth and learning, and forever expand our capacity to lead proactively and with intention.

Embed Habits and Perspectives for Ongoing Success

You become a forever more powerful observer and learner, able to continually develop more agile ways of thinking, communicating and behaving.

Common Focus Areas For You:

  • Adapt to and lead change
  • Prepare for and step up to the next level of leadership, visibility, risk and impact
  • Grow momentum in your current role
  • Plan for succession
  • Enhance your powerbase (network)
  • Identify and eliminate self-defeating patterns
  • Engage and mobilize stakeholders and employees

For Your Team:

  • Tune-up for optimal performance and impact
  • Build trust and accelerate collaboration
  • Co-create and implement strategy
  • Adapt to and embrace change

Meet Your Guide: 
Tracy Benson, Certified Executive Coach

I’ve coached senior executives in Fortune 250 & 500 companies for 30+ years with a focus on identifying and eliminating their blind spots so they can achieve at the highest levels — while unearthing innovative ways to lean into their strengths for even greater impact. I’ve advised leaders and managers in some of the world’s leading companies as well as mid-sized market-leaders and non-profits, enabling them and their teams to foster candid communication, drive toward shared goals and skillfully navigate change. As a result, and along with my experience as a leader at KPMG and American Express, I have a deep understanding and passion for people, business, strategy and outcomes.

As a coach, my superpower is helping clients reframe circumstances, challenges and opportunities in a way that’s in line with their personal power to learn, grow and take meaningful action. 

Popular Coaching Packages

Many clients benefit from one of these popular packages. Or we will create a totally custom approach based on your unique role and needs. Or we may agree on a hybrid. Either way,
our mission is to help you get to and stay at the top of your game.

Accelerated Impact Coaching

Perfect for senior, rising and emerging leaders in their first 90 days in a new role, to plan and implement the one-time “honeymoon” period for maximum and lasting impact. Also ideal for leaders seeking to zero in on the 1 to 2 areas that will quickly charge up their influence and fuel the next chapter in their career.

Performance Catalyst Program

Ideal for senior leaders in large or mid-sized organizations seeking to significantly amplify their impact and that of their team. The focus is on leaning into strengths, identifying and eliminating blind spots and supercharging your ability to positively inspire and influence stakeholders.

Advisor On Call

Ideal for anyone who appreciates the value of a creative and collaborative problem-solving partner to help power through critical opportunities and decisions as they arise.

How It Works

1) Set Measurable Objectives

In our initial call we will set measurable objectives based on opportunities to amplify your impact in your current and future roles and agree on metrics to monitor.

2) Create A Custom Coaching Plan

We will create a program designed exclusively for you, including new or existing assessments, to identify and address the blind spots that keep you from performing at your highest level and ensure you are leaning into your strengths.

3) Stay At The Top Of Your Game

With your expanded self-awareness, along with skills, habits and behaviors to eliminate your blind spots and creative ways to lean into your strengths, you are ready to take on any role or opportunity that you create or that comes your way.

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