Get Comfortable with the Unknown

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Insights

As a leader, yComfort with the Unknownou may not have all the answers. That’s okay. Leadership is about building a vision, informing employees and simplifying so people know what to do. Leaders create clarity out of ambiguity, simplify the complex, convert challenges into opportunities, and make strategy come alive… inspiring and motivating employees to action.

Tell the Story

Articulate a story that inspires and aligns employees within the organization around the vision.  The story explains where we’re going, why and how, and importantly – what employees can do to help achieve the vision.

Provide Tools

Next, the leader must provide managers and supervisors with tools so they can engage their employees in conversations about the vision and their role in achieving it.

When faced with the unknown, let your vision be your guide.


Tracy Benson

Tracy Benson, Founder and CEO, On the Same Page, LLC, provides executive coaching to senior leaders and their teams in Fortune 500 companies across industries, including: healthcare, pharma, energy, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality, defense and financial.

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