5 Tips for Leading Transformational Change

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Insights

Change is coming

Change is comingIs your organization in the middle of navigating transformational change?

Almost everybody is these days, in the spirit of sharing best practices, here are five critical observations about successful organizational change from our team at On the Same Page.

1. 20 / 20 Vision: All eyes on the customer

2. All (functional) roads lead to the company’s vision

3. Execution: A dedicated team committed to swift and incremental change

4. Managers are the lynchpin: The way forward is rooted in clear, candid and constant communication

5. Feedback, dialogue and stories keep it real

What kind of change is your organization experiencing, and what would you add to this list? Click here to view my complete blog post for The CEO Magazine.

Tracy Benson

Tracy Benson, Founder and CEO, On the Same Page, LLC, provides executive coaching to senior leaders and their teams in Fortune 500 companies across industries, including: healthcare, pharma, energy, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality, defense and financial.

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